Friday, August 19, 2011

Just keep swimming...

Hola!  As of now, that is about the only Spanish I am speaking.  Well, I have officially been living in Honduras for two days and it has been an emotional rollercoaster.  To get you up to speed, our plane landed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras around 1:30 am on Wednesday, we then waited in the airport until 5 am to catch a bus to Tegucigalpa, and finally arrived to our destination around 10:30 am.  With waiting for our ride and the actual drive to the house, we didn't get to the house until after lunchtime.  At that point, I was extremely exhausted, overwhelmed, and a blubbering mess.  I am embarrassed to say that I cried all day yesterday and have felt pangs of wanting to cry today, but have not.  For weeks I was so excited and couldn't stop imagining being here, and now that it is here, I am terrified.  Luckily, my wonderful friends at home made me a friendship quilt and that has comforted me tremendously, along with cards, pictures, e-mails, facebook messages, and skyping with my family.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support.  God knew I needed it – big time!  There really aren’t a lot of words to describe my emotions.  At one moment, I’m in awe that I’m here and living this, and then a minute later, all I want to do is cry.  I miss a familiar face, the comfort of a familiar room, and a familiar hug.  I never doubted that God wanted me here but it is really hard to stay focused on that when you are so overwhelmed with being homesick.  I feel like I just moved to college again and I remember sitting in my dorm room the first few nights and just crying because of being terrified and alone.  For all of you reading this, I promise that more positive posts are to come but I promised honesty, so that’s what I’m giving.

For a little positive, we had our first workday at the school and I got the purple and lime green room!!!  I am super excited!  Pictures will come later because the shipment hasn’t arrived with all of my decorations, so my room is bare (and you all know how I am).  Also, we to Valle this evening and I ate my first authentic Honduran meal…pupusas!!  If you love cheese, this is your meal.  They take a handful of corn tortilla dough and round it into a ball, make a hole in the center, fill it with cheese, and fry it!  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  In the next few minutes, I am going to head downstairs and have movie night with Julie and Lisa (thank God for them).  Oh, one more thing…my room is beautiful!  I am still unpacking, so those pictures will come soon.  And just as an interesting side note, I have brushed my teeth with the water and I’m all good (for now anyway)!

Again, thank you for the overwhelming amount of love and encouragement.  They have all come at the perfect time and I am extremely grateful.  Please keep praying.  I was told this wouldn’t be easy, but I had forgotten that homesick is the worst sick you can be.  Pray that God shows me why I’m here.  Hope all is well in America!  Miss you all!


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